Welcome To
Summerland’s Lakeview Spiritualist Church

Join us for our serves at:
Waubesa Beach Community Center
3rd street, Madison WI 53711

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Thursday Evening Services

Mailing Address
Rev. Annette L. Haak, NST  608/354-2694
2932 Waubesa Avenue, Madison WI 53711

We would like to welcome you to our fellowship and to our website. Please explore the information provided within our site. We are a growing family and would love for you to visit our services. We also offer classes after the service.

Be sure to check the events calendar for the correct dates of service.


We are guided by our Declaration of Principles.
(Click here or on the Principles tab.)

Our Services Consist Of :
*Laying On Hands Healing and Healing Meditation    *Inspirational Sermons   *Spirit Communication    

Spiritualism is a Science, Philosophy and Religion.
We believe that the soul never dies and that we can communicate with those who have passed to the Spirit World through the change called “death.”

We believe that the key to a higher you and a planetary experience is learning and practicing the Natural Laws that have been set forth by Infinite Intelligence. Together, we really can create a shining and peaceful reality, bringing peace, balance and healing to the universe!